Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Even Two Cups of Coffee Help

Yes, I'm nocturnal, like most owls.

 Not me. I'm a Snowy.

I said "most."

Morning is not my best time.

But after an early morning trip to the hospital
for a non-emergency reason
(the MRI machines run 24 hours a day
and 1:45 am was the appointment time)

and getting to bed at 4:00 am

I think I'm going to have to do some daytime napping today.


  1. I love owls. They are fascinating creatures. And a bit spooky. We had one, a little variety of the creature, that staked a claim in a tree outside my bedroom window when I was a child. I loved the sound it made. My dad told me it hunted snakes and rats, both creatures that frightened me, so I felt safe knowing there was a little owl living outside my window.

    I hope everything turns out well with the MRI

    1. Love your owl story! I used to hear owls in my former house's garden sometimes. Now that I'm in a condo, the only owls I see are the stone ones on the terrace (see header photo).

      Thanks. The MRI was for my husband, a test the doctor wanted. He's probably fine.

  2. I can't imagine being awake and aware at that time of day--I'm definitely a morning lark!

    Hope you managed a catnap, and that nothing on that MRI is worrisome. xo

    1. Thanks!

      We took a cab there and back. You would think that cabs would be lined up in front of the hospital as they are in the daytime. Nope. We had to walk a bit in search of one. I told M that we were getting in our walk which we had skipped that day. :-)

      Slept normally last night and I feel good today. M is still sleep-deprived and catching up.

  3. I envy those who *can* nap during the day... some of my days , following sleepless nights, could have been saved by this. Alas, I lost that ability years ago.

    1. M is a great daytime napper (Napster?) but I'm like you. If I sleep during the day, I might have insomnia that night.

  4. I hope all is well, Barb.


    1. Thanks, Susan. The MRI wasn't as scary as he thought it would be--not scary at all. He's fine but we haven't received the test results yet.


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