Sunday, February 28, 2016

Remembering Echo



March 20, 2001 - February 24, 2016 



Breed:                       Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog)

Occupation:             Model, Philosopher, Poet, Blue Jays Shortstop (retired)

Hobbies:                   Leash Dancing, Napping, Guarding the Bathroom


 As a puppy, his nose was partly pink.


 Flying Superpuppy. This is not PhotoShopped.

About age 2.

And Other Advice From Echo

Accept compliments graciously. (They're all true anyway.)

Keep nudging for treats.

Rules for effective nudging:
1. Gently touch your human with your nose.
2. Observe every time your human puts food on her fork. Watch the trajectory carefully. If it falls on the floor, it's yours!
3. If your human eats too neatly, put your head on her thigh and gaze adoringly at her. Works every time.

Eat each meal as if someone were going to take it away from you.

Keep nudging for treats.

Life is an eat-all-you-can buffet table.

Flowerbed fences provide a high-jumping challenge.

Guard the door from invasions by mail, newspapers and advertising flyers.

Chinese Food Delivery requires your utmost vigilance. Stay near the front door, in High Alert mode. The food could come at any time. Bark at any sound that might be a delivery car in the driveway. (You don't want it to get cold, do you?)

Keep nudging for treats.

Greet new dogs with a polite sniff, circle, leash tangle, and play invitation.

A well-timed burp is an excellent way to participate in human conversation.

Human "garbage" is often the tastiest of treats.

"Birthday" is a ridiculous human concept. Accept the praise and the extra treats, but otherwise, ignore it. 

You're a puppy as long as you believe you're a puppy.

Always believe you're a puppy.

Dance with your leash.

Copyright 2014, Barbara Etlin.