Saturday, July 31, 2021

Dog and Owlet Are Best Friends

Found this You Tube video about Ingo, a Belgian Shepherd, who was best friends with an abandoned owlet, Poldi.

Beautifully photographed by Tanja Brandt, a German wildlife photographer.


Sunday, July 18, 2021

An old poem retrieved from my files

Plane Crashes, No Survivors


for ourselves
alone, so alone
a father, a brother
an uncle, a friend

raw pain scorches
no tears left
a gaping hole
where there once was a heart


half-empty album
for daughters on bicycles
bridal bouquets
and grandchildren's hugs

novels half-finished
cases untried
missing puzzle pieces 
will never be found


remembering Jim
a laugh sent by email
my Internet friend
who wrote gorgeous prose

quest for adventure
beyond the next cloud
exuberant pilot
will soar forever

Copyright 1997, Barbara Etlin, all rights reserved

In memory of Jim Osborne (1948-1997)