Friday, March 22, 2013

To My Neighbour's Cat (Poetry Friday)

To My Neighbour's Cat

by Barbara Etlin

Last night it snowed again.

Winter had its last laugh
at people who put away
winter boots and snow shovels.

But you're an outdoor cat.
Or, at least,
Annie thinks so.

Do outdoor cats
glory in the machismo
of lying under my car
waiting until the last moment
before I start the engine?

I've seen your grey-and-white furball
sunning on Annie's kitchen windowsill
as if you were waiting to be served a drink
on your own private beach.

Do outdoor cats
meow plaintively
under the canopy
outside my front door?

Last night it snowed again...

But you're an outdoor cat.
Or, at least,
Annie thinks so.

Copyright Barbara Etlin 1997, all rights reserved

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Barkful Wednesday

First day of Spring? Really? Someone should inform the weather!

Today is Echo's birthday.

Happy 12th birthday, Echo!

Yah! Extra treats! 

You're still younger than springtime!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

8 Fun Reasons To Visit Southern California

Eight fun things we saw on our vacation
to Santa Barbara and San Diego
that you just won't find in southern Ontario
in February:

1. Channel Islands Helicopters
Of course we had to check out the local helicopter tours! Unfortunately, they were booked up and it was our last day in Santa Barbara.

2. A gull acting as a beach patrol, Santa Barbara
You can see the Channel Islands in the distance. We didn't tour them, but we will the next time!

3. An orange tree

4. Sailboats

5. More sailboats!
Ahhhhhhh. This was my view when I wrote at my hotel. Not bad, huh?
6. Seaport Village, San Diego...
... where I almost met one of my dearest online friends for the first time. Alas, she had an urgent work deadline and couldn't make it.
  Click to enlarge the photo; the Coronado Bridge and the Hotel Coronado are in the distance, upper right.

7. Point Cabrillo, San Diego
Point Cabrillo probably has the best view of San Diego's bay. We love to just look at the ocean or the tide pools on the other side of the point.


8.  Happy Hour with Stevie!
Okay, I lied. I only had happy hour with his picture in the bar. But he sang here.
Here's looking at you, Stevie!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Eagle Owl in flight

Using a high-speed camera, the photographer captures the beauty of the eagle owl's feathers and the power of its talons.