Saturday, August 11, 2018

Of Cabbages and Kale

If  I'd ever wondered whether I was still intolerant of cabbage, I got my answer
last night.

My favourite restaurant changed its side vegetables for the salmon. Although that pretty, tasty vegetable sitting on top of the lentils looked innocent, alas, it was not.

Intolerance isn't an allergy, but it can make you miserable for hours.

Of Cabbages and Kale

The thought of cabbage makes me quail
And long to drown in Carlsberg Ale.

Repeated stabs of gaseous pain
Make cabbages my diet bane.

Although they've lots of Vitamin K
I'd rather get it some other way. 

From Antique Piano & Other Sour Notes, Deco Owl Press
Copyright Barbara Etlin, 2014, all rights reserved