Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Still Crazy...

 (about each other)

...After All These (30) Years!

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Friday, May 12, 2023

Therapy for Tulipexia*

*Starved for tulips

because, like me, you lack a tulip garden?

Here are a few cures I'm using currently.

1. Look at photos of tulips of the past, saved on my phone or the computer.

2. Watch videos and photos on the Twitter feed of Keukenhof, the world's largest spring garden, located near Amsterdam. It's a delight and the next best thing to visiting there. Hurry; the season ends on May 14.


3. A lovely relaxation video, Flying Over Netherlands, which is accompanied by music. Instant happiness for tulip appreciators.

Flying Over Netherlands 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Gordon Lightfoot

 I was sad to read that Gordon Lightfoot passed away yesterday.

My first concert was a Gordon Lightfoot performance at Massey Hall in November 1968. He seemed as though he belonged on that stage. He used to perform there every November, his birthday month. For a while in the 70s, my favourite singer alternated between him and Stevie Wonder.

Gordie wrote some of Canada's best songs, which included folk, rock, and ballads. He had a unique style and a great voice (the latter was unlike someone he was often compared to, Bob Dylan). The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) commissioned him to write something in honour of Canada's centennial in 1967. He wrote Canadian Railroad Trilogy, which he had to research. A superb piece of historical writing.

Canadian Railroad Trilogy

What's my favourite Lightfoot song? It's too hard too choose just one. 

Here's another possibility that perhaps isn't as well known, Christian Island, an ode to his sailboat and to summers at the cottage.