Friday, May 12, 2023

Therapy for Tulipexia*

*Starved for tulips

because, like me, you lack a tulip garden?

Here are a few cures I'm using currently.

1. Look at photos of tulips of the past, saved on my phone or the computer.

2. Watch videos and photos on the Twitter feed of Keukenhof, the world's largest spring garden, located near Amsterdam. It's a delight and the next best thing to visiting there. Hurry; the season ends on May 14.


3. A lovely relaxation video, Flying Over Netherlands, which is accompanied by music. Instant happiness for tulip appreciators.

Flying Over Netherlands 


  1. When I think "Tulips," the Netherlands come to mind. I doubt they would thrive where I live.

    1. Tulips here are truly Spring flowers, blooming in late April and early May. But I've seen them blooming in a planter outside a store in Carmel in January. They don't mind cold nights (or even snow) but they wither as soon as the hot days arrive.
      Did you ever go to Keukenhof when you lived in Amsterdam?

    2. I never lived in Amsterdam, though my brother does. I have visited, also in "Tulip Time."

    3. In 1985, we were there in May and saw tulip fields in bloom. But we never went to Keukenhof.

  2. I loved driving through the Skagit Valley in Western Wa. We'd stop at the daffodil and tulip farm, pick up some fresh flowers for my in-laws. I, too, enjoy looking at old pictures. A sea of red and yellow.


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