Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dutch Vocabulary Lesson: Food and Drink

View from hotel room in Amsterdam
Common words on Dutch menus
SAPPEN                                             JUICES                                                                   
Sinasappelsap                                      Orange Juice
Applesap                                              Apple Juice
Grapefruitsap                                      Grapefruit Juice
Tomatensap                                        Tomato Juice
SMOOTHIES                                      SMOOTHIES
Ananas                                               Pineapple
Ardbei                                                 Strawberry
Yoghurt                                              Yogurt
Sinaasappel                                         Orange

Frisdranken                                         Soft Drinks
Chocolade                                          Chocolate
Warme Chocolademelk                     Hot Chocolate
Wijnen                                               Wines
Bier                                                    Beer
Appel                                                  Apple
Appelgebaken                                     Apple pie or tart  (one of my favourites!)
Aardappel                                           Potato
Basilicum                                            Basil
Broodjes                                              Sandwiches
Chutney                                               Relish
Chocolade Saus                                   Chocolate Sauce
Chocolade Gebaken                            Chocolate Cake
Chocolade Ijs                                      Chocolate Ice Cream
Dille                                                     Dill
Diverse Vissoorten                              Assortment of Fish
Franse Friet                                          French Fries
Gerookte Zalm                                     Smoked Salmon
Gerookte Kipfilet                                 Smoked Chicken
Geroosterde Paprika                             Roasted Bell Peppers
Gefrituurde Garnalen                           Fried Shrimps 
Garnalen Kroketjes                              Mini Prawn Croquettes
Ijs                                                         Ice Cream
Kaas                                                     Cheese
Kaastengels                                          Deep-Fried Cheese Sticks
Kreeftensalade                                     Lobster Salad 
Kaas Broodje                                       Cheese Sandwich 
Komkommer                                        Cucumber
Knoflookcroutens                                Garlic Croutons
Kippendijen                                         Chicken Thighs
Kip                                                       Chicken

Olijven                                                 Olives
Osenworst                                            Beef Sausage

Pindasaus                                             Peanut Sauce

Roomkaas                                            Cream Cheese
Rucola                                                  Arugula
Rosbief                                                 Roast Beef

Schaaldieren                                         Shellfish
Spinazie                                                Spinach
Selderij                                                 Celery
Slaagroom                                            Whipped Cream

Tomat                                                   Tomato

Uits                                                       Egg

Vanille Ijs                                             Vanilla Ice Cream
Vlamse Friet                                          Belgian Fries

Zongedroogde Tomaten-Pesto              Sundried Tomato Pesto
Zalm                                                      Salmon

Reckoning Alstublieft                           Bill, please
Zonder Slaagroom                                Without Whipped Cream (The Dutch like it on everything)



  1. I love how so many fruits are based on appels :)

    1. Right! Even the potato is an "aardappel"; maybe it's like the French "pomme de terre" (apple of the earth).

  2. Ha! My brother has been living in Amsterdam for years, and he tells me he hasn't learned any Dutch. You're doing just fine.

    1. I love languages. I took an introductory course in Dutch in 1986 just for fun, but forgot most of it.

      I took notes from a few menus so I could cope with the ones that didn't have translations.

  3. Love this!

    Zonder Slaagroom is fun to say, but I wouldn't say it. :)

    Hooray for chocolade and appel. I need to memorize the entire list!

    1. When we returned to the Jasmine Palace in Rotterdam in 1993, 1.5 years after our first visit in 1991, the waiter said to us, "Oh, you're the couple who doesn't like whipped cream!" :-)

    2. What? You don't like whipped cream?


    3. *hands Jama smelling salts*

      Yes. Also lactose intolerance. And we don't like it enough to take the Lactaid pills and allow for the extra calories.

  4. Very interesting. The word for strawberry is similar to German.

    1. Dutch has similarities to German, French, English, and Olde Englishe.

  5. I had a pen pal in Holland, but haven't heard from her in quite a while...Her English (in her letters) was a little hard to understand.

  6. Wow, order this three times fast: Zongedroogde Tomaten-Pesto

    1. By the time you do, the tomatoes will go beyond sun-dried to rotten. :-)

      I like the word for helicopter:
      "hefschroefvliegtuig." (turning, screwing, flying train)

      Well, it's also "helicopteur" but that's not as much fun.


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