Friday, September 28, 2012

Stuff on Friday

1. Famous

means getting your own table at Chapters.

Do you think they put enough books on the J.K . Rowling Table?

2.  Furry Favourite

3. Fall

Why can't we skip right from fall to spring?

4. Funnier

What I hope to be after taking this online course:


  1. Like these F's. #2 is the best, though. :)

    1. Echo says, "Thanks!" That's a stuffed owl toy in the photo. Echo only wanted to tear it apart, so I removed it.

  2. Yes, winter is often too long...of course, we barely had winter last year (I think it was the month of February), so all the skier are *dying* for a true winter!

    I need a humor writing course!

    1. Okay, I'll send all the snowless Canadian skiers to Colorado...


  3. Yes, fall and spring are my favorite seasons. :>)

    Poor J.K.--that's such a boring book cover.

    1. Heehee! Doesn't it get boring in California with the oppressively perfect year-round weather?

      It may be a boring cover but I'm sure she'll sell a boatload anyway. I bought one because I'm curious, like everyone else.

  4. Yeah. :>) I don't mind not having snow, but more rain would be nice. Summers are a little too hot. So spring and fall are the "perfect weather" seasons here.

    Well, I think they could've made a better-looking cover. I know, it'll sell anyway, but still. I've seen some mixed reviews, so it'll be interesting to hear what other readers think of it.


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