Friday, September 21, 2012

Dream a Little Dream *for* Me

I've always envied the authors who say they get ideas for their novels in their dreams. My dream life has been quiet on the Useful Idea front.

Woody Allen giving me advice on writing -- yes.
Agents telling me to go to conferences to meet them (before I got my own agent) -- yes.
Editors urging me to finish my novel and submit it to them before they die of old age -- yes.
Novel ideas -- forget it.

Until last night, when my subconscious provided something interesting and different. A strange SF/horror thriller type thing. Not my usual genre or style at all. But so cool. I resolved to write it down before I forgot it.

When I woke I wondered whether it was familiar, after all, so I used Google to research it.

It wasn't fresh and different.

I had dreamed about Dean Koontz's novel, "Watchers."

Thanks a lot, subconscious.


  1. :)

    I worry about my subconscious leading me astray...

  2. Oops...I would never think of googling a dream idea. I probably should. *wonders*

  3. Hah! Well, I guess it IS promising that your dreams have the potential of being commercial successes! ;)

    1. Heehee. Although WATCHERS was a favourite of mine, I haven't read it or thought about it in years. I wouldn't mind some of Koontz's talent and success!

  4. I write about dreams in my stories, but my dreams have never reciprocated...
    And yes, there is a real and ever-present possibility that dreams will lead to plagiarism. After all, how many times have we heard that a writer or composer felt it was their idea? I actually believe them.

    1. Well this is the first time my dreams have come up with a plot, so I was immediately suspicious of it...


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