Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Mayoral Election: A Modest Proposal

 Due to a sudden resignation of John Tory, Toronto's former mayor, there's another municipal election coming up in June.

With no incumbent, it's an open field for candidates.

Today's Toronto Star stated that there are now

46 candidates...and counting!

Enough is enough! 

I propose that they

- cut off the number of candidates when they reach 52,

- put the list in alphabetical order,

- call off the election,


- let each candidate be mayor for one week a year.


  1. I like your Mayor of the Week suggestion. Here's another: throw your hat in the ring. We've heard of G. B. Shaw's Major Barbara. Here's to Mayor Barbara.

  2. Ha! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'd vote a vote of non-confidence in me. I'm kind of allergic to politics, although they make good humour prompts!


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