Sunday, November 15, 2020

Driveby Birthday Surprise Party

 How do you celebrate

 a special birthday

during a pandemic?

If you're my friend, 

and if you have imaginative, super special kids,

you have a


Everyone wore masks,

we stayed in our cars--physically distanced--

while the birthday girl and her family

talked to us through our car window.

It could have been a traffic jam on her street

but we all had our assigned times to arrive.

The sun even came out for a few minutes

on this rainy, blustery day.

Party favours were a choice of kosher chocolate treats!


  1. Very cool. I think you must have confidence your friends (the local ones) are as dedicated to the execution of such a parade. (I doubt such could happen to yours truly.) Must be very rewarding to be part of it.

    1. My friend is in the health care field, so we had every confidence that everyone knew the rules and would take the proper precautions. Yes, it's an honour to know such wonderful people, and it was one of the best parties I've ever attended.


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