Sunday, September 16, 2018

As the (Upstart) Crow Flies

Upstart Crow is a charming bookstore-cafe in Seaport Village, SanDiego,  where I like to write while drinking coffee.

When I Googled it yesterday I found out that it's closing this year due to redevelopment. I tried to submit a review of it to Trip Advisor, but I was politely told that, although they value my input, my most recent visit was too old to be useful for its site.

So here is an approximation of what I submitted to Trip Advisor.

Books Plus Coffee = Bliss

Since we discovered Seaport Village about 1986, we've visited Upstart Crow whenever we were in San Diego, which is about twenty times. I get a cup of coffee, sit at my favourite table by the window, and work on my novels. If my writing goes well, I treat myself to a slice of chocolate layer cake. 

Besides books and writing notebooks, I've found a delightful range of quirky gifts and cards here. I own two Upstart Crow t-shirts, as well as one that wore out, which read, "Careful or I'll put you in my novel" in black Courier typeface on a white background.

Soon I will visit Upstart Crow for what will be the last time because it is closing.

On my most recent visit, in February 2016, I noticed two crows on the hill outside the window. I like to think that one of those crows is the ghost of Shakespeare, checking on his namesake bookstore.



  1. That's a blow to lose such a favorite place to visit. I'm glad you have your t-shirts, etc. Most of all I'm glad you had the company of two crows on your last visit! Maybe you'll see them again...

    1. This is the third bookstore I've lost recently. The one in Kingston's Chapters-Starbuck's and the Chapters across the road from my condo have also gone. One of the reasons we chose this condo was the huge Chapters nearby.

  2. I find that it's rare to be able to go any place that was precious to me in the past and still find it there as it was. Especially bookstores.
    Maybe our minds are the only place they continue to exist, and putting our feeling into words makes them immortal.

  3. Aw, Barb, that's a shame. Maybe you'd better get the whole chocolate cake this time, even though it will taste bittersweet.


    1. Yup, a whole chocolate cake sounds like a perfect way to say goodbye to Upstart Crow! If I didn't live so far away and the shipping costs weren't so high, I'd probably buy out all their stock of books, too.


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