Friday, August 18, 2017

Mercury in Retrograde Strikes Again

Mercury is in retrograde between August 12 and September 5.

 two retro cars (old MGAs)

If you've followed this blog or its predecessor for long, you've probably noticed that
 Mercury has it in for me.

So far, this is how Mercury has tripped me up:

1. Mattress Snafu

We ordered a new mattress and box spring  set (before August 12). We did NOT order a metal bed frame because the one we had was fine. The comfy new mattress arrived on August 15. With a new frame.

"We didn't order a frame," we told the delivery men.

"It's here, so we're setting it up," they replied. They dismantled the old frame, set up the new one, plunked the mattress on top, and started to leave.

"Take away the old frame," we said.

"No, we can't do that."

So M and I schlepped the heavy, unwieldy thing to the recycling room on the main floor of the condo.

"You've just done your aerobic exercise for the day," M told me.

Five minutes after we got back to our suite, we got a phone call from the delivery men. "We're coming back to pick up the new frame you didn't order or pay for."

They took away the new frame and plopped the mattress and box spring set directly on the floor.

The next day we returned to the mattress store and told them what happened and asked whether the warranty was voided by not having a frame. "No, you're fine with the mattress set directly on the floor."

Miscommunication at its finest.

2. False fire alarm

Last night the fire alarm went off. 

At 1:45 am.

Panic ensued for 15 minutes until we heard the announcement that it was a false alarm.

My first thought was about getting both of us dressed and out of the building. At least *sigh* we didn't have to carry a 25-pound dog down the stairs, too... :-(

My next thought was: SAVE THE MANUSCRIPT!  (my work-in-progress).

As a result of last night's escapade, I've decided to keep the flash drive containing my WIP in my purse at all times when I'm not actually using it. 

3. Other minor things 

including no sound on my husband's computer and other problems with his new cell phone.



  1. Oh dear. I hope the eclipse brings you good things!!!

    1. Unlike Mercury in retrograde, the solar eclipse is supposed to be lucky for everyone. Especially for you, in the line of totality, right? I look forward to your eclipse report!!!

    2. Oooh nice!!! I can always use good luck!!!

  2. Backup your work in the cloud!

  3. Okay, so now I have something to blame on my Internet/email issues of late...
    Sorry about yours!
    May it lift and reverse course and do what is the opposite of being in retrograde. Communication is too valuable.

    1. We'll have to wait until September 6 for Mercury to be back to normal, so double-check all travel plans, mail, messages, and back up your computer files. And don't sign contracts or buy or sell property. We sold our house during a Mercury Retrograde and the buyers came back later and wanted a new closing date.


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