Saturday, March 1, 2014

Owl, Owl!

Yah for March!

It's a new month, so instead of "Rabit! Rabbit!" I'll say, "Owl! Owl!"

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day, with lots of chocolate, or whatever you like best.

What happened to February, you might ask?

I got away from this:

meaning, the weather, not Echo, although we did leave him behind
and saw lots of this:

birds of paradise at our hotel's garden

Our room's patio overlooked a marina.

We went here:

Seaport Village

We even had lunch (coffee and an apple) at Upstart Crow on Valentine's Day when the other places were busy. Then I wrote at my favourite inside table while M. browsed at books.
 Unfortunately, I missed out on an anticipated meeting with an online writing friend. Another one! :-(
Shelter Island, looking at naval base
Is this gull thinking of walking across the Coronado Bridge?

View of Coronado from Point Cabrillo

Chess set at Horton Plaza

Patio where I did some writing


  1. Nice! Have you ever been to Balboa Park? The S.D. Zoo is there, along with museums and international cottages.

    1. Thanks, Christine!

      Yes! We like it there very much, especially M and the Air and Space Museum. We tried to get there but, due to construction, the entrance was blocked and we got lost trying to find another way in. "Going around the block" in SD often means going miles out of your way...

      The Zoo is wonderful and I remember seeing an unusual owl there (maybe a Spectacled Owl?).

  2. Nice to "get out of the house" on your blog...

    1. Thanks, Mirka. I've saved a photo of Upstart Crow and made it my new desktop.

  3. test comment by BE as boreal owl

    1. test reply by BE as boreal owl


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