Friday, July 19, 2013

"Black Day in July" by Gordon Lightfoot

Detroit is bankrupt, according to the tv news.

In 1968, Gordon Lightfoot wrote this song about the 1967 riot.


  1. Thank you for the history lesson. Sad is how little has really changed. Back then Gordon Lightfoot wrote:

    Why can't we all be brothers
    Why can't we live in peace
    But the hands of the have-nots
    Keep falling out of reach

    Why indeed? Considering what the collective human intelligence is capable of, it doesn't make sense. (Unless, sadly, the majority of the collective human intelligence does not want change.)

    Since it's all about choice, I'll continue seeking out those sentient, intelligent beings who do want change (for the better), and keep moving forward. [After all, if a technologically-challenged person, with a steep learning curve (as in vertical) can manage to accomplish some technological feats, there is hope. (TedTalks are a great resource for hope.)]


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