Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year!

The Year of the Rat begins on January 24.

According to the Chinese New Year horoscope for my sign, I will be travelling a lot this year. Unfortunately, no, this isn't true. But I do enjoy looking at travel photos, both my own and other people's. It also says I will have good health this year. And that is the best news, because if you have health you have everything you need. M's horoscope also says he'll have good health, so we're all set.

A live artist installation painting in my local mall. 
The two artists aren't credited.


  1. There's all kinds of "traveling." ;) maybe a gypsy (oops... Traveller) story is your next writing adventure.

  2. Books are a form of travel :) I'm glad you both will have good health. I always took it for granted until I didn't have it anymore. Blessings!

  3. Oh, that's a great idea, Mirka! I love reading time travel stories but never considered writing one. Strangely enough, both of my novels involve lots of travel!

  4. Vijaya, thanks for the travel photos on your blog. I especially enjoyed revisiting Key West. After the past year, we take nothing for granted. Every day is a gift. Blessings to you, too.

  5. I agree that books can be a form of travel. I hope you find new stories to read or write that take you interesting places!


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