Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Leaves and A Lesson in Persistence

Before the month is over, I'd better post these photos of October's leafy extravaganza.

That is what we expect from October in southern Ontario.

What I didn't expect was this renaissance of the purple mums we planted back in June.

They flowered for about a week. Then, despite my constant watering and fertilizing,
I didn't see any more flowers. Lots of leaves, but that was it.

About Labour Day, I stopped watering the planters.

A few days ago, the purple mums came back to life.

Mother Nature is reminding me to keep watering, keep believing, even when it seems that flowering season is over.

You never know when that mum plant--or that sleeping manuscript--will have a renaissance.


  1. It feels nice to look at these photos and try to remember October with fondness. Here we think of it as a troubled month. It is, invariably, the month of fired and even earthquakes.

    1. In October 1989, we had planned a trip to Galveston, Texas. Two days before our flight there was a hurricane (a category 1). We tried unsuccessfully to change our destination to our old favourite, San Francisco. That day there was an earthquake in SF!

      California has had some bad luck with fires lately. Hope they settle down soon.

  2. Beautiful leaves! I've posted all my pics on FB, but I know you're not on there...maybe I'll need to do a post on LJ, just to share more leafy loveliness. :) Your mums are gorgeous too!

    1. I'm glad you got to see the fall leaves, Robin! I mostly post them for you. :-)

      I don't sign in to LJ anymore because I don't like the new terms of service.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. My roof garden is also still provided flowers and fruit. Joyful!


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